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Ikkuluriti Sustainable Family Store

Hi! We are Ikkuluriti and we are here to challenge the norm. We want to provide alternatives for the major things that create waste in the family; even when it comes to the waste which is considered ‘necessary’. We are aware that changing the way things are always done requires courage, but we know that some are ready and willing to try. Are you one of the bold and brave?

Because disposable diapers are the third largest contributor to our landfills, we cannot ignore this any longer. With on-going education, the largest variety of reusable diapers and the best brands on board, we offer alternatives that will suite you and your family.

Our reusable and sustainable products do not stop at reusable diapers. From eliminating waste from your periods with our ‘eco period’ alternatives, to reducing single use items, our store is filled with practical and stylish solutions for the new sustainable family.