5 Tips to Consider Before Buying Cloth Nappies

I can still recall taking my first baby steps in the cloth diapering world: excited but at the same time confused. What a journey it has been so far with my 2 babies in cloth! I wouldn’t go back for sure, knowing that their bums are always soft and saving waste from piling up on our beautiful island!

Honestly, at that time it took me quite a while to buy. On one hand I WAS really excited to start, but on the other hand I found it hard to decide which one is the best to buy. I was also concerned about spending that amount of money for nappies which I wasn’t sure would work.

So here are some tips I would like to share with you to ponder on before buying your cloth nappy stash.

  1. Check the material and not just the price

As hard as it may be to accept the price is many times a good indication of the quality of the product. Unfortunately I did it the other way round, my first purchase relied on the price! I am not saying spent a fortune on my cloth nappies, but there is a balance. Always remember that you want a cloth nappy that works, especially in the beginning when trying it out. So my advice is to check what material it is made out of, especially the interior which is the absorbent part. I do really suggest that you go for an absorbent part such as bamboo, charcoal, hemp and cotton. A man made material which, in my opinion does not give you great results, is the microfibre. This happens because it acts like a sponge, it absorbs quickly but lets out quickly. From my experience, the microfibre material alone, may cause leaks.

2.  Try different styles and not just one.

I also did it the other way round, I bought a stash of the same brand of pocket nappies only. If I had to go back, I would have tried different styles to see which works best at different times of the day. In fact, apart from pocket nappies I found out that all in twos really work best with me since they are very practical with 2 babies. When trying and testing, this makes the journey more fun and doable for you to see what works best. Also like me, you can realise that a style is more practical in the morning and other during the night. For example, I love using all in two’s during the day and pockets for during the night.

3.  Buy some accessories and not just the nappy.

A wetbag and a packet of biodegradable liner will make your start easier and more practical. As for me, the wetbag helps me a lot not to go up and down the stairs after each nappy change. In the morning I fill it up with fresh nappies ready to be used.

The biodegradable liner is another thing that helps me change the nappy faster especially when there’s poop. Our variety of starter kits are a good start to choose from. 

4. Choose the prints or patterns that you like

This may sound like nonsense to you, but for me it does make a difference. Colourful prints do make you want to use cloth more. It brightens your day especially in the morning when you don’t feel like doing a nappy change or when your growing baby starts acting like a monkey . In his or her nappy, your bundle of joy will explode with cuteness.

5. Get in touch with us and let us help you

It’s always encouraging to have someone to give you advice, especially if the person is going through the same phase in life and this is US. Myself and Loredana love to hear from new mamas that would love to pop in this journey. It’s our pleasure to guide you through in small steps because the best way to start is small and aim big!

My advice is to always remember that your bit is making a whole lot of difference to your baby and your planet. When the weather is bad and it’s hard to dry the nappies, or when I experience some leaks when I forget to change the nappy on time it’s hard to stick to the decision to use cloth diapers. However, I try keep in mind that I want to be of a difference in this world, so I keep on holding to my beliefs and keep on using super cute cloth nappies with my babies.


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