About Us

We are Maria and Loredana, two mummies who share a common interest in caring for the environment and our health. During our pregnancy, we took a trip together where we found out that we were both planning to use cloth diapers with our babies. We realised that very few people in Malta are aware that they even exist and that it is difficult to get them to Malta.

After trying cloth diapers with our babies, we found out that we love using them! We realised that they are easy to use, cost effective, safe on our babies’ skin and good for the environment. We started dreaming about sharing our experience with you and this is how the idea of our shop came about!

Our goal is to make cloth diapers available and accessible in Malta. We want parents to be aware that there are alternatives to disposable diapers and to make cloth diapers accessible to those who want to use them. More than that, we want to accompany parents on this journey to make it as easy as possible for them.

Every nappy that you can find in our shop, has been tried and tested by our most precious ones, our little babies, because we believe in bringing you and your baby only what we love using with our babies. As well as that, we have looked into the making of the products that we sell, to make sure that our products are ethically made. We value the environment and the people that are working for us.

We have observed many changes happening around us in the last months. Many are asking what they can do for the environment, and we believe that using cloth diapers in our families is one of the ways that we can answer this and want to make this change available and easier for you too.