Cloth Diapering: My honest journey

Whilst we love posting photos of our babies in cute little cloth diapers and sharing the benefits of cloth diapers, we know that it’s not always easy. For this reason, today we have invited Roberta, a busy and loving mum of three, to share her honest experience with cloth diapers. Roberta shares how cloth wasn’t the obvious option all the time. Read on to find out how she managed to find ways how to make cloth diapers work for her and her family.

My journey with cloth diapering began when Maria and Loredana opened their online store a year and a half ago. I was immediately intrigued and went to their first workshop, kids in tow, to learn more.

I wanted a healthier option for the kids, something that promised to be cost effective and more environmentally friendly than disposables.

As adviced, I started small and started testing out the diapers on the kids. I followed a guide book if I ever forgot something and always asked if I got stuck or had some questions. 

What I was discovering was that the kids were getting wetter much quicker than I was told to expect, so my stash was running out quicker, I was having to wash more frequently and I wasn’t finding it practical to change the kids diapers every hour or two. What I learnt was that my kids are very heavy wetters – there was no combination to see them dry through the night and I tried many!

By December, I had given up. I was pregnant, with a baby and a toddler and although I had added more diapers to my stash, I was still changing frequently and seeing it as extra work because with disposables I used to change much less frequently. So I decided to take a break from cloth diapering and return to it after the baby was born.

In the meantime, I lent my stash to two of my friends who were considering switching and actually ended up cloth diapering their babies. This really encouraged me to pick up where I left off this summer. When I would see how fast the black bin would fill up with 3 kids in disposables I just knew I had to try again.

My eldest was potty trained in September, so I had a toddler and a baby in cloth diapering.

this time I asked for more advice because I was determined to commit to it and try even more options until I found manageable way to keep them dry.

With additional inserts, muslins, and some trial and error, I finally found a reasonable amount of time between one change and another. It’s now a steady part of my routine, my eldest enjoys helping me prepare the nappies and I’ve switched to cloth full time during the day, including using reusable wipes.

I still haven’t found a solution to the nights, so a couple of disposables are still hanging around, but its something I’ve had to accept.  

A big difference this second time round was that I was more determined and committed to cloth diaper and to experiment and try new things until I made it work. The first time, although I was enthusiastic, I was still a bit half hearted and unsure and whilst it really helped to start with a few and mixing cloth and disposables, by remaining like that for a long period of time I remained one foot in, one foot out and when challenges came, I always fell back to what I was more comfortable with and in my head was easier, which were disposables.

So this time round I made sure to buy enough nappies to cover 2 days for 2 kids (20 nappies) and I went all the way with reusable wipes and liners, so that my mind frame would be dedicated towards cloth diapering and not going between two very different styles of diapering.

I love cloth diapering as I know it’s so much healthier for my kids and it’s very straightforward once you get the hang of it and get used to the jargon. Most importantly is to ask those with more experience for help when you get stuck because there nearly always is a solution for you! 

Thank you Roberta for being completely honest about your experience. Being a mum is not easy and the journey with cloth diapers is not always straight forward! We hope that this experience encourages any of you who are on the verge of giving up. Please always feel free to ask for advice. We don’t always have the perfect answer or solution, but we promise to try and help.

If you have a similar experience you would like to share, send it to us and help us encourage other parents.


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  1. Maria says:

    Sometimes I’m about to give up and I read an inspiring story like this one and it gives me hope to continue against my husband’s will and his mother. They are the ones taking care of the baby during the day so I’m using cloth at night time when I’m at home. I had to order extra inserts and change a few things and I’m still experimenting. It’s going well so far.

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