Cloth Diapering our Newborn: Maria’s Experience

Three months ago we welcomed a new bundle of joy into our family: Tereża. Its’ been the most challenging yet  one of the most beautiful journeys we’ve had as a family.  It seems that you forget how hard the first few weeks might be, but all is worth while! We are especially happy with the choice we made to start cloth diapering since she was born. 

In today’s blog I am so excited to share with you some tips to help you embark more easily on this colourful journey which we truly love living. On the other hand feel no pressure that you should do the same with your baby. We all have our own journeys with our little ones and it’s more than ok not to start straight away, even if you are determined on using cloth diapers.

  1. How many nappies did we have and what type I chose?

I had 4 pocket nappies and 4 all in two’s plus 2 pre folds in my hospital bag and it was totally enough for our 2 day stay in hospital.  I must admit I was a bit worried of running out of nappies knowing that a newborn needs to be changed frequently but in my case it was totally fine. I didn’t need a stash of 30 newborn cloth nappies as you might imagine. From 10 to 15 cloth nappies is a good number to have with you especially if you have someone to help you with washing.  On the second day, my husband took the wet bag with the nappies at home to wash and they were once again ready to roll!

Newborns don’t try to kick like a dinosaur while nappy changing and so it’s a good opportunity to try different styles.  I found that what works for us best was using the ecopipo all in two’s and pre folds during the day and the newborn baba and boo pocket nappies during the night for extra absorbency. With prefolds and all in two’s I make sure that all absorbent parts of the nappy are tucked into to waterproof cover to avoid leaks.

2. What did we do about the poop?

To be honest I forgot that meconium can be sticky and hard to remove but the disposable liners saved me! I didn’t panic because I knew that after the second day poop would start to get normal.  To make things easier, during the nappy change, first I used to wipe the meconium with the liner itself and then clean with the cloth wipe rinsed in warm water.  As for poop itself, I am breastfeeding at the moment and it’s very water-soluble so I quit using liners for now. It doesn’t need to be flushed but it’s a good idea to give the nappy a quick rinse by hand if you wish. And don’t panic!

Everything will wash out, even the worst poop explosions.

Any stains will also disappear in sunlight.

3. Why did I choose cloth wipes? 

Personally I find that cloth wipes do a much better job of cleaning up than disposable wipes.

Our babies’ skin are very sensitive, and so you don’t need to use any fancy solution, water is just fine.

  I had 10 cloth wipes in my hospital bag, but if I had to go back I would take a few more. 

4. What is my routine? 

Having everything at hand made my life much easier and after a nappy change I would prepare for the next one.  At hospital, I made sure I had a clean nappy with a biodegradable liner inside, 2 clean cloth wipes, the wet bag and a changing mat or a towel.  

This routine continued at home which gives a peace of mind that I have everything in place especially with a toddler running around.  

Having 2 babies still in cloth nappies, I wash every two days. When I have enough nappies I simply put them through a cold rinse cycle in the machine, then through a wash cycle with a 40-60°C temperature.  In our family, we got into the routine of washing in the evening to have the load ready in the morning.  But as we all know, routines change as babies grow.

5. What is my final advice?

Do not stress too much during these first precious days.  Unfortunately you do not get them back.  I must admit, motherhood is not an easy task, but it was only my willingness and an extra helping hand from my husband that makes my cloth nappy journey do-able.  Like anything else, it takes practice and courage to embark on a new journey.

We really want to encourage any of you who are considering using cloth diapers with your baby.

Whilst you might put a lot of thought and questions into whether you should start cloth diapering from birth or later on please know that in the long run it will not matter as long as both you and your baby are healthy and happy.

We do however want to encourage any of you who wish to do this and let you know that we are here to answer your questions and support you all along the way!


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