Cloth Diapering Two Babies Under Two

We got to know that I was pregnant when Rafel was only 4 months old and the journey of being pregnant for the second time started again. Was it easy? Of course not! But hand in hand we managed to go through this journey easier than we had expected and joyfully Tereża was born last February.

I’ll never forget Rafel’s face when he saw Tereża for the first time. He was over the moon!

Without any doubt, till today, it’s very chaotic, messy and exhausting especially till we started adjusting to some type of a routine, if it does exist! Having 2 babies close to each other comes with many rewards too. But it’s not easy and things start to get overwhelming and many times we feel that we won’t manage. 

And so you might ask, since it’s very chaotic, why on earth we chose to cloth diaper both of them? To be honest, we didn’t think twice to cloth diaper Tereża since we were so used to cloth nappies with Rafel.  

It’s been a while since we bought a packet of disposables and so for us it came naturally to start off with cloth once again

 But it’s still doable for parents who want to try cloth with their babies.  My advice is to start with few and let the journey lead you in.

In this blog I would like to share with you our daily routine and some tips to help parents like you who are in the same boat and considering starting cloth diapering.

  1. Be as organised as you can be with two kids

My husband is more organized than me and it’s a journey I am growing in everyday.  So, before we welcomed Tereża we tried to have everything stored up neatly, and this is the first tip I want to share with you. 

 Having a good storage for nappies, wipes and babies clothes near your nappy changer makes your life a whole lot easier. 

 For us, we have the storage in our bathroom near our nappy changer making it practical during chaotic nappy changing times.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy storage; a small cupboard or a stack of drawers will do perfectly.

2. Start small and go from there

I’m not a fan of buying a stash of 20 nappies or more for each baby.  I’m very aware of not piling up so many nappies when I can go with less.  And so, with 12 new born nappies for Tereża I managed to get through with washing almost everyday.  For us, to make things easier, we wash during the night and find it ready in the morning to air dry them, having 2 or 3 nappies already dry to start with.  Now, that she is growing up and the one size are fitting her better, I’m adding 6-8 more nappies since I can use Rafel’s nappies with her too.  

This is one of the best benefits of cloth diapers that they can be reused once again with their siblings.

3. Make it as easy and convenient for yourself as possible

I am constantly running around the house doing chores and taking care of my family, and for me not to stay going up and down the stairs I invested in 2 large double zipped medium bags with different prints, one for each baby. First, it’s ideal for out and about especially if you’re going out for a whole afternoon or day.  I prepare 3 nappies for each baby together with some reusable wipes and like this I know which one I have to use when they need a nappy change.  The other reason I recommend two, is that I have a wet bag near my 2 nappy changing stations at home. I have a very simple one downstairs and another one upstairs in the bathroom.  It is more practical for me to have a changing station equipped with some nappies, wet bag and so forth nearby so not to stay going upstairs especially if I am alone at home.  Even for hygienic purposes, you don’t want to keep soiled nappies running around the house.  

Another amazing thing about wet bags is that since they are waterproof the soiled nappies inside do not smell. 

4. Do what works for you

As a family we chose the pocket nappies and all in twos, both styles offer simplicity and practicality.  My husband was already used to them and so it was easy for him too to do a nappy change.  Adding to this, I always suggest trying our all brands nappy kit in the beginning so to see which one you prefer.  Many times, you think that a certain brand and style will be your favorite and then you end up choosing another one.  

So in a nutshell this is how I manage to cloth diaper our two amazing babies.  I hope this was informative, helpful, and motivational for you in cloth diapering your baby.


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