I See You Mama: A Message From a Midwife

Over here at Ikkuluriti, we talk a lot about making positive changes during our parenthood journey. Whatever the choices you choose the make for you and your family however, we are all first and foremost the loving mothers of our precious babies. This is why today we invited the lovely and dedicated midwife to share with us a message to all of you mothers out there.

To the woman who just transformed into a new mother: you surely recall your birth experience. You may be sleep deprived, exhausted, sore and in pain.

You might doubt your ability to care for your newborn . . .I see you mama.

Please take your time throughout this adjustment period. Do not be hard on yourself. It is not just the baby who has been born. You have just been born as a mother too!

Today, I will be sharing with you some advice in order to facilitate this delicate but precious transition to motherhood. Newborns emerge from an all controlled, almost perfect intrauterine environment into a world where they become fully independent individuals.

They need to learn to breathe on their own, learn to feed, learn to adapt to a much different environment that they were used to

and finally learn to strive being separated from YOU; the mama’s protection, warmth & love. Can you imagine how hard this is for such a tiny little human?

One of the things you can practice as parents to make this transition smoother is safe swaddling. In this way you can mimic the intrauterine environment. As a result baby is more calm, content and may sleep for longer stretches of time. Ikkuluriti’s swaddling blankets made out of natural bamboo are just perfect for the job as they are soft and breathable. Plus, they are extra large meaning that the baby may be swaddled snuggly. These blankets are multi-use; you can also use them as a cover during nursing as for example (not that you need to!).

If you are nursing, you might also wish to use reusable breast pads that are also made of the softest bamboo!

Who said that mums don’t need some TLC as well?

They are also ultra slim making them extremely comfortable and discreet.

You have just given birth, you may feel sore & you may have stitches. Can you imagine the feel of reusable sanitary pads composed of super soft bamboo? They come in different sizes just as disposable pads and if you are wondering about efficacy they are lined with charcoal to increase absorbency. Plus, if you are an environmentally conscious person you will be contributing to generating less waste as these reusables may just be washed in a washing machine.

Last but not least we all know how precious those drops of breast milk are! The Haakaa silicone & compact breast pump isn’t just like other breast pumps and this is why a lot of mums love it. No more crying over spilled (or wasted!) milk. Apart from gentle expression, the Haakaa is a great breast milk catcher. With the Haakaa you can breastfeed your baby while collecting milk from the other side thus making it ideal for dad to feed the baby while you are having your most longed for shower!

P.S. I am Annabelle, a midwife by profession. This is me, holding my precious niece Tereza few minutes after helping her into the world.


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