Ikkuluriti How To

  1. How to change a cloth nappy

A lot of parents feel overwhelmed when they start looking into cloth diapers. A quick google search might make you feel like to cloth diaper you need to have a PhD in the subject.

This is why today we wanted to show you how simple it really is. In this video Maria, Luke and Rafel are going to show you all you need to do and have to change a cloth nappy to prove to you it’s just as easy as changing a disposable nappy!

In this video we will:

  • show you how to use a pocket nappy
  • show you how to use a biodegradable liner
  • give you some tips on how to get the best fit with a cloth nappy

2. How to use a biodegradable liner

One question we get asked a lot over here at ikkuluriti is: What do I do with the poop? The answer is very simple: Biodegradable Liners!

Whilst we wish that there is a poop fairy that goes around cleaning poopy nappies, there isn’t one, whether you use disposable or reusable nappies. The great thing however is that with biodegradable liners, cloth diapers are very simple, easy and mess free to use. All this without harming the environment. Take a look at our video to find out why and how to use a biodegradable liner.

3. How to wash cloth nappies

When considering making the switch to cloth, one of the biggest concern on parent’s minds is: How do I was the dirty cloth nappies?

Sometimes going into cloth nappies feels like rocket science with all the complicated terms and different opinions on how you should do it. At ikkuluriti we love to make cloth as simple as possible and this is the reason why today we are showing you how to wash your cloth nappies in some simple steps.

In this video we will show you how:

  • you can store your cloth nappies when dirty
  • how to wash your nappies from A to Z
  • what temperatures, cycles and detergent you may use
  • some tips on how to make this process easier

But most importantly we will show you that there is no boiling of nappies on our stoves, or hard scrubbing them for days! Please also know that there is no absolute right way of doing things.

What we’re sharing with you here is a process that works for us, but feel free to do what works for you and your family!

4. How to prepare a pocket nappy

When it comes to different styles of nappies, it can get confusing and overwhelming and you might feel like giving up before even getting started.

In this video we would like to show you one of our favourite styles of nappies and how simple it is to prepare it and to use it with your baby .

5. How to prepare a night nappy

One of the biggest challenges of cloth nappies are night nappies. Many parents struggle to get the right solution that will keep their babies dry all night. We’ve been there and we know what this feels like!

In this video Maria is sharing with us two night nappy options that we have found to work with our babies.

In this video she will show you how to:

  • Boost the Baba and Boo pocket nappy
  • Boost the Close Parent nappy

6. How to make a reusable wipes spray solution

Reusable wipes are a great alternative to disposable wipes! Not only are they much better for the environment but they are a huge money saver.

A set of 25-30 reusable wipes can replace all those packets of disposable wipes.

What we also love about them is that you can have total control of the chemicals that go next to your baby’s skin. We often get asked how do you wet your reusable wet wipes when inside or out and about with your baby?
In this video Maria will be showing us how to make your own spray to use with reusable wipes using three simple ingredients.

This spray is:

  • easy to make
  • smells great
  • great on your baby’s skin due to the added lavender essential oil
  • cheap