My Experience with Cloth Pads

After experiencing all the benefits of cloth nappies with my babies, I wanted to start using cloth sanitary pads and give cloth a go for myself! Months after giving birth to Tereza I went back on my menstrual cycle, and reusable sanitary pads where the first option I wanted to try. I wanted a safer and natural product for myself.

Initially, I thought that it was going to be a bit more complicated with reusables rather than disposables but it was far easier than I thought. From experience, I can share that I found the reusable sanitary pads extremely easy to use. With the right amount of reusable sanitary pads in your stash you can just clip them on and let them do their work.

Here are three reasons why I chose to use reusable sanitary pads:

  1. Chemical-free option

My first concern was the fragrances and chemicals found in reusable pads which eventually I knew they were affecting my skin. In the past I used to suffer a lot from infections and little did I know that disposables weren’t helping at all. They have plastics, cotton and synthetic fibres which are super absorbent but will also absorb all the moisture in your vagina. Then they are bleached with chlorine dioxide creating polluting, harmful and bio-accumulative by products like dioxin, which not only end up in the environment but also remain in our bodies for decades. As a family we are very much aware of the chemicals that what we put on our bodies and this made me switch!

2. Less waste

Reusable sanitary pads are made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials that will create less waste than disposables alternatives. It is estimated that women use an average of 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads in their lifetime! On the other hand reusable pads last for a number of years as they can be washed over and over again!

Many of my friends were concerned about washing sanitary pads and this is a reasonable concern. It sounds like a hassle but from experience it really is simpler than expected.  After using, I first rinse them under cold running tap water and then I put them in a wet bag ready for washing.   At the end of the day I put them on a cotton wash with 40°C temperature.  I add cloth nappies, towels or underwear to have a full load. I do not add softeners because it will reduce the absorbency.  If I need to change when I’m not home, I just put the pad in my wet bag and rinse it home.  The wet bag is waterproof and keeps any smell from coming out.

3. Money saving

Reusable pads saved me a lot of money.  For my own routine I purchased 6 large sanitary pads for day time and 4 x-large pads for night time. I do not like to have big stashes but you can have more, it all depends on your flow. Apart from pads I have a wet bag to store them before washing. Choosing reusable also saved me a lot of trips from going to the store the last minute!

Another advantage to reusables is that most women find that cloth pads prevent leakage better than disposables. Reason being cloth pads are steadier and do not twist like adhesive pads can.  I recommend that to stay comfortable you need to change frequently and use the correct size and absorbency based on your flow.

So what’s your thoughts? Have you considered trying them out? Feel free to ask us any questions or concerns that you have and we will be happy to answer to help you get started!

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