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Bamboo Swaddling Blanket Whales


7 in stock

The natural bamboo material used to make bubbaboo swaddling blankets is silky soft and breathable, making it the perfect fabric for safely swaddling a little one to sleep. The bamboo swaddling blanket holds anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating properties, preventing overheating and discomfort whilst also helping to draw moisture away from the body.

This blanket also makes an ideal nursing cover, breathable stroller cover to block out the sun, burp cloth or tummy time mat.

Dimensions: XL – 120 x 120 cm  (47 x 47 in)

100% bamboo

Perfect for sensitive skin

Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource that supports a healthier lifestyle (and the planet). It has an amazing growth  rate  and produces very little waste. The bamboo used to make this product is taken from panda free forests.


Blue, Pink, Orange, Cherry, Green, Yellow