NEW Baba and Boo Newborn Nappies


The NEW Baba and Boo Newborn Pocket Nappy  is a new and improved version of the reliable and well-loved Baba and Boo nappy, now made with with even softer and higher quality materials.

Newborn pocket nappies are designed to be used from birth to around six months, approximately 2.5kg to around 8kg. This nappy is a pocket nappy which has a pocket at the back of the nappy. It comes with two inserts to be placed inside the pocket. When you baby is tiny, you may probably need only one insert. Use two inserts when the nappy is not lasting as long. This nappy comes with two bamboo mix fibre inserts.

Super soft micro fleece on the inside

Internal gusset system to keep everything contained within the nappy

Comes with two bamboo mix fibre inserts which are super absorbent

Velcro tabs make it super easy to put on newborn baby

Nappy inserts can be adjusted to fit your baby’s needs

What’s on the inside?


Starfish, Sea Life, Seagulls, Waves, Pebbles, Harbour, Daisies, Surfing, Umbrellas, Sunshine, Outdoor Play, Fairy Lights, Moonlight, Acorns, Knitting, Leaves, Eucalyptus, Nightfall, Robins, Penguins, Wrapped Up

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