Cloth Nappy Workshops

As much as we love to use cloth nappies with our babies, we are aware that it may be daunting to start. Whether you have searched long and hard on the internet and feel more confused than before, or have never even heard about cloth nappies, our cloth nappy workshops are a great place to start!

In our workshops you will:

  • learn about the different styles of cloth nappies 
  • learn about the benefits of using cloth nappies
  • understand the difference between different cloth nappy brands to be able to choose which one is best for you
  • discover what you need and do not need to cloth diaper your baby
  • learn how to use cloth nappies and how to care for them
  • be able to view and purchase cloth nappies and accessories 

Our workshops are FREE and whilst you may choose to purchase from our shop, you are definitely not obliged to. You are welcome to come and learn, no strings attached.

Our workshops take place in different locations in Malta and places are limited for each workshop. Children are welcome! 

Please fill in this form so that we can send you more information about our next cloth nappy workshop. We look forward to meet you and share our cloth nappy experience with you.